2020 Round 1 Paper

This event has now closed but an ongoing practice site is still available on hackerrank for ongoing review and practice.

PCTC 2020 Round 1 paper

PCTC Round 1 submission site (hackerrank)

Solutions are available only to teachers for the year following the competition. Email us for a link if helpful.

Warm up 2020

A few practice questions for the upcoming competition. Four questions are at Round 1 standard, two are at Round 2 standard. Practice questions appear embedded within the hackerrank page but do warn classes that for the real thing, although they will still use hackerrank for submitting, the questions will be on a printed page.

Solutions to the most recent round 1 / round 2 papers are available to teachers and will be published publicly only after a year’s delay.  Solution links were sent out in previous teacher updates but teachers may also contact us to request if useful.

2019 Round 2 Paper

PCTC 2019 Round 2 paper

PCTC Round 2 submission site (hackerrank)

2019 Round 1 Paper

2019 Round 1 paper

PCTC Round 1 sumbission site (hackerrank)

PCTC Round 1 Solutions

Specimen Round 1 Practice Paper

The following Round 1 Practice Paper contains 10 questions (as per the real thing) with an intended time limit of 40 minutes. Don’t forget that your code should not include any prompts with your inputs e.g. to input an integer, you might write in python
num = int(input())

When you start in hackerrank, on Q1 you will need to set your language used in the top right hand corner of the code editor e.g. to python3.

PCTC Round 1 Sample Paper

PCTC Round 1 sample ongoing practice site (hackerrank)

PCTC Round 1 Sample Solutions

Round 1 will be a 40 minute activity for pairs (or solo) sharing a single computer. For younger students please note that hackerrank has a minimum 13+ sign-up requirement. Some schools have configured some team hackerrank accounts (pctcTeam1@myschool…. ) for them to use.

2018 Problems (Round 2 Style)

The 2018 competition has now ended and the problems are available for on-going review or practice. Please note that the format has now changed slightly and the final (Round 2) will be sat in teams of three with students no longer splitting into two sub-groups.

2018 PCTC Question Paper

2018 ongoing practice site (hackerrank)
2018 Sample Solutions

Test cases: Now that the competition has closed, you can access the test cases for any problem you wish to look back at by doing the following. Click through on the above link to the on-going practice site and click into the competition and then into question you are interested in. On the right of the question definition you can see a “more” link. Click this link and you can download the test cases that were used to mark the challenge. Enjoy!

Round 2 Specimen Problems

We have added these specimen problems to a practice competition site so that your teams can experience the competition environment. We will not be uploading the question text themselves to the competition site to maintain security for the main event so, likewise for the simulation, the questions are below and the submissions can be entered once a sign-up for the practice ‘contest’ has been activated.

Round 2 Sample Questions

PCTC Round 2 Sample Solutions

For additional training/learning material, see our additional suggestions under links/resources.