We use the Cuttle online competition hosting system used by both Bebras UK and OUCC. This is part of our progression to closer integration within the UKCT Challenges national framework.

Questions appear online as part of the website so no additional printed paper is required. Solutions are provided below to all but the most recent of each round; teachers can contact us directly for a link to the most recent solutions if useful.



The 2021-22 questions will become available for practice without login once each round has completed. Public example solutions will be retained off of this site for a year although teachers may email the competition organiser to request them and pass them onto students if helpful.

2020-21 Round 0, 1 & 2 Papers

The questions are available for continual automated practice on

PCTC 2020-21 Round 0 solutions

PCTC 2020-21 Round 1 solutions

PCTC 2020-21 Round 2 solutions


2019-20 Round 2 Paper

PCTC 2020 Round 2 paper

PCTC Round 2 solutions

2019-20 Round 1 Paper

PCTC 2020 Round 1 paper

PCTC Round 1 solutions

2018-19 Round 2 Paper

PCTC 2019 Round 2 paper

PCTC Round 2 Solutions

2018-19 Round 1 Paper

2019 Round 1 paper

PCTC Round 1 Solutions

Specimen Round 1 Practice Paper

PCTC Round 1 Sample Paper

PCTC Round 1 Sample Solutions

2017-18 Problems (Round 2 Style)

2018 PCTC Question Paper

2018 Sample Solutions

Round 2 Specimen Problems

Round 2 Sample Questions

PCTC Round 2 Sample Solutions

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