2020 Round 1 Solutions

Solutions are provided in Python. Free free to share this page with students if helpful but it is not available from the main menu of the website for the year following the competition.

Most solutions have two versions provided; the second in the file alternative.py available on the left hand nav-bar for each solution page. These are not intended to be recommended/model solutions, just examples of some of our testing code which demonstrate alternative approaches.

Q1) https://repl.it/@pdbaker/PCTC20-R1-Q1
Q2) https://repl.it/@pdbaker/PCTC20-R1-Q2
Q3) https://repl.it/@pdbaker/PCTC20-R1-Q3
Q4) https://repl.it/@pdbaker/PCTC20-R1-Q4
Q5) https://repl.it/@pdbaker/PCTC20-R1-Q5
Q6) https://repl.it/@pdbaker/PCTC20-R1-Q6
Q7) https://repl.it/@pdbaker/PCTC20-R1-Q7
Q8) https://repl.it/@pdbaker/PCTC20-R1-Q8
Q9) https://repl.it/@pdbaker/PCTC20-R1-Q9
Q10) https://repl.it/@pdbaker/PCTC20-R1-Q10