Teams of Year 7-11 students battle it out to win the pride of place inscription on our Braben competition cup. We want to make it as easy as possible for your school to take part : a supervising teacher (no expertise required) needs to register to invigilate on your school site…they can hold it any date/time in the competition fortnight for each of the two rounds.

2022 Results

Congratulations to every team that took part – your certificates are well earned; we hope to see all schools back next year! The competition practice questions will remain open all year on our competition site https://pctc.cuttle.org. A particular well done to our winning team at MCS Oxford, narrowly followed by St Paul’s School and then a Perse team. Read more…

2022 Dates

Round 1 competition window: Mon 24th Jan –  Fri 4th Feb 2022
(Round 1 now provide two age-level question sets Y7-9 & Y10-11)
Round 2 competition window: Mon 14th Mar –  Fri 25th Mar 2022 

NOTE: final instructions for PCTC 2021-22 Round 2 have now been sent out to teachers which includes the competition start password that all students will need having logged in. Please email pdbaker@perse.co.uk directly if you have not received teacher setup mailings.


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PCTC is part of the UKCT Challenges Progression Pathway


Students submit short code  solutions to a range of challenges which increase in difficulty across the two rounds and during a timed contest:

Round 1: 40 minutes, sat in pairs sharing 1 computer (medium security)
Round 2: 60 minutes, sat in threes with 1 computer each (higher security)

International schools may enter the competition for the purpose of certificate awards but only schools located in the UK will be eligible for the cup/prize money award.

Find out more in the competition overview, take a look at the practice material available or head straight for the registration form!

We currently support entries in Python, JavaScript/Node.js, C++, C#, Java and VisualBasic.NET.

What languages do you support?

Ask a teacher to sign up so that the competition can run in your school this year. The invigilating teacher does not require any coding expertise to host the competition.

Let’s go coders!